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We can schedule a private event for your neighborhood, birthday party, scout group, PTA, school group, business, fund raiser and more. We offer custom classes for all ages and science booths for festivals and events.  We customize for your interest, needs and budget.  Scroll down to see photos and examples of our offerings.

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We customize for your interest, age range, time, structure and budget. We are only limited by imagination.   Below are more examples of our private offerings:

Rainbow Science (Click on purple link on the top of this page)

Robot Olympics

Explore the world of robotics, circuits and programming as you compete in the Robot Olympics.

90 minutes/$20 per participant

Slime Science (For festival and event booths)

Make a gooey mess and learn a little science too!


Mission Jupiter

Build and launch hydro powered rockets while you discover Jupiter's stormy eye. You are the astronaut on this journey from Earth to the huge gas giant.

90 minutes/$20 per participant

Super Hero Academy

Do you have what it takes to be a super hero? Train with team scientists as you prepare for your inaugural mission and graduation from Super Hero Academy. Discover your super power and help make the world a better place.

90 minutes/$20 per participant 

Life in the Pond

An outdoor ecological and biological excursion where we explore pond ecosystems, catch live specimens, fish and even view micro pond life through a microscope.

90 minutes/$20 per participant

Kayak Adventures 

We are safety trained and certified by the American Canoe Association.

60 minutes/$20 per participant

A Day at Camp

Summer camp fun any time of the year.  Can include hydro powered bottle rockets, cook outs, kayaking, hiking, scavenger hunts and more.  We are safety trained and certified by the American Canoe Association.

Prices vary depending on the amount of time and activities you choose.

If I Were a Mermaid

Explore what life would be like living in the sea, the science and history of mermaid legends. Create a mini mermaid ecosystem with fairy shrimp that you get to keep as a pet. Who says mermaids aren't real? Can also be a poolside party.

60 minutes/$20 per participant. 

Bottle Rocket Splash

Build and launch bottle rockets. Powered by water and air pressure, perfect for back yards and parks.

60 minutes/$15 per participant. 

Bath Bomb Science (For festival event booths)

Make your own bath bombs while exploring the science behind the fizz.

10 minutes/$5 per participant

Science Lab (For festival event booths)

Hands on fun using lab equipment to explore simple chemical reactions while practicing fine motor skills. 

$75/per hour

We are ACA certified
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